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"The Conscious Mind Must Be Quickened".. F.M Alexander

"The only reason we have a brain is so that we can create adaptable complex movements"...

It's our biggest evolutionary asset and the source of our biggest problems.  

The best way to explain this is... let's say you are thirsty and you want a drink of water.  To make this more interesting, let's say you are really really thirsty.

You see a glass of water near you, and you startle your shoulders go up, your jaw tightens and you

Improve how you improve

F.M. Alexander was an Shakespearian Australian actor who lost his voice, and no available cures or methods could help him get it back. He decided to help himself, and in doing so made a powerful discovery about an   little understood, but vital aspect of fitness, wellness and over all health.  

Fortunatly, like any good Shakespearian Fool, he left behind a map for us to learn this secret for ourselves, Teachers today are leading the way to getting back to what Alexander's method was all about.  We are going to be using a method developed by Mio Morales called Primal Alexander Technique, that is excellent for online work as it leads you through the process in a way that allows you to do it for yourself, just like FM Alexander did.  

Frisbee Game

 Sports and Fitness

For years people at the top of their field have had excellent coordination, we think it's some natural thing they just have, but the truth is it's something you can learn.  My online classes can have you improving immediately by having you focus on some things that may surprise you, like you might find out less is more.  The problem in sports is that many suffer from selective coordination, this can lead to many of the sports injuries we see today. 

Elderly Woman at Gym

Moving Younger

People are always shocked when I tell them my age, the truth is the Alexander method has always been something that can reduce some of the negative effects of aging, it does this by helping you to get rid of tension and poor postural habits.  It's how you move through space that can determine how young people think you are.  This is a method that's like plastic surgery, but it's not surgery and it's way more cost effecctive. 

New Hires

The Zoom Gloom

Even before Covid, people were going to more and more online meetings, many of us are shocked when we see ourselves online.  Their is a reason it doesn't look right.  This not looking rights is happening and it's something that can have effects on your future wellness. It's the one place where lack of coordination is looking you right in the face and you cant escape it. PAT is where it's at if  you want to take this problem on for yourself.

Man's Best friend

Public Speaking/Performance


What if I told you her ability to coordinate may be the only difference between you and Meryl Streep, it could be, you won't know until you get in touch with your own natural ability to coordinate yourself.  What if I told you this could be easy, because ease is actually what the Primal Alexander Method is all about. The secret of ease, is like finding out that their is a secret diamond in the bottom of your dirty sock drawer.

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