Sports and Fitness:  

Recent Studies show that contrary to popular belief, working on form actually increases injuries and lessens effeciency in sports and fitness, but awareness around incremental shifts in your body like the position of your head and how you are moving your arm can decrese injury and improve performance, the Alexander Technique has been helping atletes be more aware and less prone to injury for 100 years. 

Moving Younger

How would you like to learn some tools that will teach you how to feel and look younger?  We are taught that we will eventually loose the fight with gravity, but the Alexander Technique can add years to your optimal health and vitality.


Would you be interested in learning a method that will help you have more energy at the end of the day and at the same time prevent and heal work related injuries.  If your job requires you work on the computer or talk on the phone it's a good idea to check the AT out!

Public Speaking/Preforming:

Alexander was an actor so the technique has a long history in teaching skills that imporve speaking and singing, even if you don't sing or act you want to present yourself as well as possible, let me help you with better breathing and posture.