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Sara James


I was going to University of Iowa Several Years ago, studying acting when I took a movement class and it changed my life.  I had knee problems, depression and posture that was really bad and a voice that was so high pitched I sounded like a twelve year old girl.  It seemed I was going down a bad path phisically and mentally when I discovered the Alexander Technique.  My journey was realizing that my body wasn't really all that interested in my brain and learning how to bring them back together.  It's been a powerful and continuing journey and learning.


I have a full certification in The Alexander Technique from The Pacific Institute For the Alexander Techqnique and and am a past member of the  American Society for The Alexander Technique with the option to join.  I have a BA from the University of Iowa and spent many years in private study for Acting, Singing and Speaking. 


I have directed three short films, been on stage in contemporary and Shakespearian Plays.  I love to get up in front of people and am very good at getting a message accross.  I am a good communicator I've worked in Costomer Service, Marketing and Sales. 


Originally I am from Iowa and happily reside now in San Fracisco.  I have many life lessons to pull from in my teaching practice, I like to think I'm the kind of person you can trust with your desired to heal your body.

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