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Getting Older And Keeping Your Head Up In A Youth Obsessed Work Environment

Business Team

Recently SF Weekly put up and article entitled “Face Time: Eternal Youth Has Become a Growth Industry in Silicon Valley” It comes down to that if you are over the age of thirty five and you look your age you will be out of a job and irrelevant in no time unless you can find a way to hold on to the illusion of youth. To that end more and more men and women are going towards all sorts of measures to keep the illusion of youth alive. Botox, facials, Image Consultants.. And those are the men! Yes, the youth worshiping atmosphere in the tech industry has led formally geeky engineer guys to embrace a different level of personal care. This is not such a bad thing all in all. The reasons for it though is kind of a sad commentary on how artifice has come to trump substance. It’s not what you know but how young other people think you are that matters. A total dismissal of wisdom and experience and a belief that the over riding foolishness of youth will produce better results even if it’s like the experiment where they give a bunch a monkeys type writers just knowing, eventually, some monkey will write something brilliant. The age discrimination thing may even be a one off, after all, the people starting SUCCESSFUL business these days tend to be in the over thirty five range for the most part. One successful CEO who was over 45 when he started his successful business stated that it’s not so much about youth but vitality, you want to remain vital. What if you could reframe the question? What if it’s not, how you stay young, but how do you stay vital? Am I the only one who thinks that sounds better? If you don’t think it sounds better you can go read another article, we are probably not on the same page. I do hope you stay though. There is a lot more you can do about staying vital, staying eternally youthful sounds like some dark night mirror version of Peter Pan. You can eat better, get out and run, walk whatever toots your horn, our bodies were meant to move and if you are spending too much time setting on the coach or in front of the computer it can age you fast. At Vital Body I specialize in one of the all natural things you can do to stay vital. I teach a method called The Alexander Technique it re teaches you the mechanisms of good posture that you had as a child and can have again if you become aware of bad habits interfering with your natural poise and ease. It has the effect of better posture, but posture is only a little part of it. It’s all in the way you get to the good posture that matters, the Alexander teaches you how to be free and easy with your body so that over use problems go away and your body starts to feel better. When you are not misusing muscles you will have more energy at the end of the day and instead of sitting on the coach you will want to go out and go for a walk or to the gym or out on the town with your significant other. Come and try me out, the first twenty minute lesson is totally free. My number is 415-527-8687

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