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What Does Stress Have To Do With Posuture?


Did anybody reading this just sit up a little bit “straighter” when you saw the word posture? Lots of people do when I tell them what I do. I help people manage their stress by looking at how stress links with posture, having you “set up straight” is not my intent. So, calm down “straight” posture isn’t really good posture, sorry to bust your bubble. Your just going from one extreme to another and it’s confusing your nervous system The self correction in and of itself is for want of a better word - Stressful. So what is good posture and what is bad posture? Well, posture is a bit like a finger print, everybody's spine and structure is a little different. If you are a curvy woman who is five three good posture is not going to look the same as it does on the guy that’s a lanky six four. “Good Posture” isn’t achieved by Making yourself do one thing as opposed to the other, that actually causes rigidity and stiffness. Both are stressful to the body. But, you might ask, what does cause you to round your shoulders, slump and send your face into the computer screen like a twelve year old boy looking at his first playboy magazine, even though there is nothing even close to that exciting in front of you? It’s habit, you might have sat that way in school. In school I sat in terrible chairs and didn’t move for hours at a time listening to lectures I don’t remember, what did I do? I day dreamed, mentally vacated my body, nodded politely, and slumped in my chair. After a time my body got used to being in that position and even though it was stiff and rigid it was comfortable, because the body is very adaptable until it’s not. I didn’t notice a problem until a long time went by and my knees didn’t function very well and I had a hard time breathing. My point is, and it was true for me, I didn’t realize what bad posture was doing to me until I started to do something about it. To tell you the truth, if you have bad posture it’s probably the least important symptom, the poor posture is a sign that you are stressed, stress that’s preventable, if you do something about your posture it can change your entire attitude, have you noticed that? Try it, just lengthen your spine, smile and see what happens. If you want to know more, I’m offering a very cheap introductory learning experience that I call 20 for 20. Just twenty minutes for twenty dollars. It’s a very accurate observation and analysis of what you are doing when you are doing it and how it may be causing you more stress than is necessary.

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