Moving Younger Looking Better with Less Pain


Most of us set at a desk all day buried in our cell phones and computers. Our posture is getting as a collective worse and worse as the cost of surgeries goes up and up,  the cost can also be measured in lost opportunities, we are too tired to go out, not making the best impression.  Posture is important for a lot of reasons, but just trying to make yourself sit up straight cases a whole lot of different problems in that your body is still experiencing lots of strain. This program helps to get to the root of posture body language and helps you to eliminate old habits of stress and find new habits that allow for you to have less back, neck and shoulder pain.  This also goes a bit further than that, it makes moving fun gets you out of your head and gets you in touch with your body in a positive way that lends itself to increased vitality and improved performance.



Working in a small group can be a very efficient way of learning the techinique, you can save some money and you can use what I call the buddy system where you check in on one another and learn to give each other feedback. 
This is great for work groups, a group of friends, couples and families.This technique is also great for kids, If kids can learn to have better posture when they are younger it can lead to better health and fitness throughout there whole lives.  
If I have a group of more than three a weekly class can be created,   many times groups have a common goal like running, walking or working out  better, deepening a yoga practice or small performance groups. You may have a small group of people with some of the same work or pain issues. 
It can be a very powerful thing to do this process in community with other people. 

The Answer To Imposter Syndrome.

Do you ever feel like you are not being seen for who, you really are? We can go to school, get a a high paying job and we can still feel like we aren't been seen for the successful person we are. A lot of times even though we change our minds our bodies are stuck in old repetitive patterns.  In many circles this is called Imposter syndrome.   With this three month long program we will tackle your posture but also look into personality types, mindful meditation and find out how to transform old coping mechanisms so that they are working for you rather than being you.  

You will have more confidence with public speaking, have more creativity and be able to assess with more accuracy what you want out of life and how to go about getting it.  It's great if you are looking for a job, or are struggling with issues around not being able to rise in your profession even though you have all the right stuff.